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Selasa, 21 Juli 2009

Mobile Phone+ Lucifer

SB6309 Lighter Phone mobile phone is probably the most controversial activist for anti-smoking health. How do I not, this Chinese-made mobile phone equipped with a fire . With a module penyulut fire at the bottom of the back of the phone. The cigarette habitue can utilize its menyulutkan stem with a cigarette in the hole is available.

However the manufacturers claim "match" has many advantages. Among anti-explosives, used in suitable places with more altitude, wind Anti adjacent to and just to call the image photos, record video and send pesan.Ponsel is also equipped with dual SIM and FM Radio.

As usual, the Chinese mobile phone is equipped with complete facilities and super unexpected. Who know the phone will appear

Kamis, 07 Mei 2009

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle 2 has launched the device electronic book readers or e-book on Monday where the price of $ 359.
Kindle version 2 has the same price with the first version of the e-reader but more thin and with enhanced features. This tool can save the book in 1500 and not only on the 200 version first, and can read the text and change it so the sound through two small speakers in the back.

The first version of Kindle have been sold since November 2007 and currently Kindle 2 also got enthusiastic response from customers Amazon.

Minggu, 05 April 2009

Launch Blackberry Application Store

Mobile-phone manufacturer BlackBerry, Research in Motion Ltd (Rim), today launched its Blackberry App World, a "One-Stop Shop" or "department store" that provides online applications for their mobile phone production.

The launch was conducted after the vendor-vendor lain was first launched application store. As Apple Inc, which has launched a national online application, Apple App Store. Vendor-other smart phone vendors have also been doing the same thing.

According to Jim Balsillie, BlackBerry Deputy Chief Executive, applications available on the Blackberry App can be downloaded through the World website Rim starting noon yesterday. Thousands of applications for the Blackberry will be available at the launch of this.

However, unlike the Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World akan share the results with the operator's mobile phone sales this application. "Blackberry is also a possibility for the mobile phone operator to create their own shops, their applications," said Balsillie. In addition, it is also possible for customers to pay for the purchase of the application through their mobile phone bills.

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